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Coupon Syndication from MyCoupons.com

You can carry all of the MyCoupons coupon codes on your site, or in your data feed, and get paid for use of the MyCoupons, coupon codes. We partner with several of the largest online websites, social networks, and affiliates to help provide them with valuable coupon content, for which they are paid.

MyCoupons is the world’s largest and oldest online source for coupons, coupon codes, printable coupons, and coupon related social networking! We have been in business since 1995 and have been covered by WTAE in Pittsburgh, and many other national media. Consumer interest in both coupons and online shopping continues to grow at a very rapid rate. Our focus is in creating the largest online resource for coupons. Partnering with MyCoupons provides you with access to thousands of pages of valuable content — valuable to your users and a revenue stream for you.

The key benefits of partnering with MyCoupons.com include:

  • Access to the content that online shoppers are actively seeking — Thousands of coupons for thousands of stores.
  • The ability to sell advertising on the content.
  • A share of the revenue generated by your users.
  • Flexible integration options, we can host the content and you can brand it or we can provide you with a simple XML feed that can be integrated more deeply into your current content.

Partnering with MyCoupons.com

Our content syndication program is very exclusive, your site must be able to generate a significant number of visitors to be able to qualify for our program. There is a minimum requirement of unique monthly visitors to your site. This can be generated from one or more sites under your control. Contact our business development team and get started today.

Have Questions? Contact our business development team: sales@mycoupons.com

This is a great site that has been around for many years and is a well trusted authoritive site in the Online Coupon Industry. Thanks, CouponGenie.net

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