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Find Customers and Backlinks by Adding Your Site to Coupon Directories | Search Engine Journal

Find Customers and Backlinks by Adding Your Site to Coupon Directories

If you run an eCommerce site, submitting it to coupon code directories is a wise promotional method you might want to consider. You will benefit from this in a few ways:

  • you will find new customers who frequent the particular directory to look for bargains in your niche;
  • you will contribute to your brand reputation management (i.e. more positive listings for your [brand name] searches);
  • you will get more conversions from your [brand name] search referrals (people seeing your coupon codes when searching for your company);
  • you will get relevant backlinks from your site listings.

A few tips on how to make the most of your directory listings:

  • always include your brand name in your listing title;
  • always include your main keywords in your listing title;
  • promote your listings at your site and via newsletters;
  • diversify your listings (by different descriptions,deals, titles and keywords) – they will all pop up for your [brand name] search, so by this you increase your chance to convert;
  • add several coupons for most popular directories and update your listing page regularly (remove expired coupons and add new ones).

Most popular coupon code directories:

  • Coupon Cabin has some nice social features (e.g. sharing and reporting options); for each individual listing it also displays relevant categories and merchants.
  • Ultimate Coupons also has a blog and newsletters to advertise in.
  • Free Shipping primarily focuses on free shipping offers (see the example: JCPenney coupons).
  • Deal Taker has built an awesome daily updated forums to take part in.

The full list of both free and paid coupon directories and forums can be found here.

Note: some of these directories do not have a submit form, so I either linked to a home page or contact form.

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Ann Smarty | @seosmarty

Ann Smarty is the Director of Media at Search & Social where she serves as the Editor of Search Engine Journal. Ann’s expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project, MyGuestBlog.

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This is an excellent blog on submitting your site to Coupon Directories. Thanks

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