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Okay, Now We Know!

Like so many others I saw the commercials the other night and the date that was displayed at the end of the clip. April 3rd is when the world gets a chance at the first tablet of the year and certainly the most anticipated one. If maybe one or another has been released already they certainly aren’t making the entrance that the iPad is making. And not to diminish any other companies tablet products but honestly…Dude, really?

Could anything really compete with it anyway? My personal opinion is with capital letters, NO. Now I do admit I’ve heard a few things about the iTablet that are going to be optionally better than some of the features that are absent from the iPad. To this I can only say that most everyone knows Apple has successfully delivered their handheld products to the public in gradual releases known as generations. That’s just Apple. There are pros and cons to this. All companies do this in one form or another but if there is one company that has built devotion in its’ customers confidence of their product lines it’s Apple. And there is something to be said of this approach, it seems each generational release of their iPod lines and the iPhone have actually contributed to the continuous growth of their popularity. This to me is very welcome, in regard to the cell phone market Apple has taken an older concept and shown it is not dated; it can be better not to diversify with different products and models but instead focus on one product and keep making it better with each release.

75 million iPhones have been sold worldwide and they dominately hold the App market at over 99%. Yes they spawned the industry but those are numbers that Microsoft and Google and all the other players have only dreamed of controlling. Control isn’t exactly correct, and it’s different than customer devotion. It just seems to be something so right there really is nowhere else anyone needs to look. For myself apps and widgets are a bit cumbersome and seem to clutter how I operate on my laptop but on handheld devices their real ability comes to life and reveals their usefulness. On the commercial aired in the last few days consumers only see a pair of hands whipping through many of the features on the iPad as if this unknown is anyone of us doing all the things that were touted by Steve Jobs at the keynote back in January. I for one can’t wait and the commercial only made it clear how much I am anticipating this. I feel like Ralphie; I swear I can feel that Red Ryder BB Gun in my hands now! I just hope I don’t put my eye out with it!

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