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Steely Dan Tonight!

Starting this is going to have no fanfare about Steely Dan…..they’re great to listen to while writing. Particularly the early career-spanning album Showbiz Kids. That’s it.

I’ve also been notified that this blog will be dated before it ever gets a chance to really GO…..

Probably so…..I want to see the difference if it does. I think it can. The only real way to believe in any thing is to do it….do what you believe. Odd concept. For who? Maybe its just odd trying to know what that means?

This blog we’ll eventually become a volume in a larger library. This is merely a chapter in technological history and I think its’ important.

That may be silly but I could be doing other things……..why not this? Maybe its just something to believe.

We are all experiencing the technical changes in our society regarding how we use products. How the consumers interact with their products. Their smartphones. The iPods. the Mp3 players. Laptops, netbooks, text phones, games, mobile business practices, personal comunication and on and on……

The other night my 11 yr. old daughter created a slide show on Microsoft PowerPoint and then emailed it to her teacher to be graded. I was floored…..

Later I was on the iTunes store and came across iSketch in the App store….it was designed by an eleven year old boy

In high school (for me- mid eighties) I remember having a study hall in the computer lab and getting to use one and looking at the ominous screen. It was dark and had a bright green flashing cursor. There was no interface. There was no window to interact with.

The change from then until now and especially seeing my daughter email her teacher her homework really brought it all home to me…things have changed. And to me that’s exciting.

I know they’ve already changed but they are again and will continue to do so…..its the journey of what we’re doing now.

I want to do interviews with people regarding the forthcoming iPad and the technology it will spawn and influence. There are other tablets coming with different OS. This is known…yes inevitable.

Come one come all! This technology is just as important. Companies such as Apple, Linux. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and a cast of others are merging , morphing, and constantly churning themselves into something else; usually what they weren’t before and that’s the most important part.

Apple, Steve jobs and his crew have set a standard. They finally got the public really expectant of a tablet computer. I am intrigued by the coming release. I am just as curious about the excitement of others.

I want  Macheads and PC enthusiasts. Yes I’m looking for the combo user as well as the individual users of either one.

I want constructive differences but I am looking to interview individuals of different professions and vocations with technical, scientific, government, business,entrepreneurship, construction, service, educational, medical, and municipal backgrounds.

Basically everyone…….anyone interested in guest posting and  interviews can send an email to dogwood27@gmail.com.

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